Consumers - people requesting captioning services - are encouraged to register even if they do not have a specific request right now.

Providers must register and log-in to see captioning requests that have been made.

Registered users are welcome to see what is on the wishlist. Click here to see how people describe their need for captioning.

For people and organizations who need captioning. You must be registered and logged-in to make a request.

Registered consumers can also view other captioning requests by clicking here.

If you don't have a specific captioning request now, please think about where you wish captioning was available and post a simple description by clicking on this link .

All registered providers can log in and view all requests for captioning.

Subscribing providers may also post requests for assistance from subcontractors (other providers) using the subcontractor request form. There is an additional annual subscription cost to use this feature of CaptionMatch, for the hiring provider only.